Construction Giant Bovis Faces £7m Payout

    Construction Giant Bovis Faces £7m Payout

    Construction giants Bovis are being made to pay out over £7 million as homeowners complain about poor construction. Bovis home owners have complained about leaky pipes, shoddy walls, poor joinery, incomplete landscaping, dodgy wiring, badly painted rooms and more. Over 1400 people have joined a Facebook page labelled ‘Bovis Homes Victim Group.’

    The problem arose at the end of 2016, this is because Bovis were offering home buyers £3,000 to move into unfinished homes before Christmas, they did this at a poor attempt to reach their end of year sales targets.

    Some of the victims who have spent £300,000 plus on their newly developed property have reported over 100 faults with their home. The victims have been living in their properties for over a year and all of the inadequate construction is still yet to be repaired.

    As well as repairing the homes a spokesman for Bovis has said that they will compensate all of the customers which have been affected by this poor workman ship.

    Were These Properties Sold Too Soon?

    These defects have appeared because the contractors who work for Bovis have tried rushing the properties because Bovis needed to meet sale targets before the year was out. They sold houses that they knew were not completed to home buyers and tried persuading them with £3000 in a desperate attempt to meet the end of year targets.

    Before buying a newly constructed house we recommended fully inspecting the property to ensure there is no physical damage which you can see, and also asking either the business that made the house or the real estate agent if there is anything you should know about the house such as: in completed work, poor foundation and what type of land it has been built on.

    If there does seem to be inadequate construction or if it has been built poorly, on a poor foundation or on the wrong type of land then do not hesitate to contact Property Defects today and see how we can help you.

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