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Case Histories

We have successfully represented numerous clients whose claims had been repudiated by insurers.

Recently, and unbeknown to house purchasers, an estate of houses was constructed on made ground consisting mainly of a refuse tip. The foundations of the homes were not installed to the correct depth and were sited directly on top of rubbish. The result was horrifying - Insurers inspected the site and offered minimal repairs to the buildings themselves. The drawn out arguing with insurers to establish the exact cause of the damage imposed extreme duress upon the owners and drew the matter out over a number of years.

We were contacted by the owners who believed that insurers were not acting responsibly or abiding by the terms of the Warranty Policy. Following our appointment, we negotiated the costs of independent surveys to be paid by insurers which resulted in the identification of the cause of the damage – the rubbish tip. Through further negotiations, liability was accepted by insurers although they were only offering a mere “sticking plaster” as a solution. We subsequently submitted their cases to the Financial Ombudsman Service, which is an independent organisation created to regulate insurers and others within the financial industry.

Property Defects’ Role:

We identify the actual cause of the problem within the building and take specialist advice from surveyors and/or engineers as to what is the correct long-term solution for the problem. We negotiate with insurers responsible for the warranty to obtain full settlement including alternative accommodation whilst works are in progress, where it is required.

During the process of representing the property owner, we ensure that insurers fulfil their obligations under the terms of the policy/warranty and acquire an equitable solution to return the owner to a pre-loss position.

Our Property Claims Services

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